labiaplasty - correction of labia

Small labia are the cause of skin wrinkling that surrounds the entrance to the vagina. Most women want their small labia to be smaller and would like for the to hide under the big labia. Changes in labia usually occur after delivery, but may result from other hormonal changes in the body, sexual intercourse, aging, or occur in association with heredity.
labiaplasty surgery time
30 min
labiaplasty anesthesia
local anesthesia
labiaplasty hospital stay
no need
labiaplasty recovery time
1 week
labiaplasty sexual activity
after 3 - 4 weeks


Labiaplasty or correction of labia is one of the newest aesthetic procedures, and the number of patients who opt for this procedure is increasing from year to year. Reduction of small labia-lips is an increasingly popular operation, with which we strongly influence the rise of self-confidence and relaxation in physical activity.

The aesthetic surgeon cuts the excess tissue of small labia, which is are too large, and they beautify the appearance of this part of the body. Excessive size of small labia or asymmetry is not only a common cause of bad self-image, it is also associated with the fear of the attractiveness of one's own intimate sphere, but can also cause discomfort associated with day-to-day physical activity, sexual life, or wearing tight clothing.

In some cases, women with large small labia can have a fear of painful sexual intercourse. The problem is not rare, but it is often still a taboo, and women do not want to discuss and talk about it. Some women may feel unattractive and want to improve their sexual experience by surgically correcting the disadvantages of this intimate body part.

Causes for enlarged labia

In most cases, enlarged labia minora are congenital, while another group of women notices this change as a result of injury, especially after birth, or is associated with psychological aging of the body.

Who are the best candidates for labiaplasty?

Women in middle age are increasingly choosing to correct small and large labia. Especially women, who experience discomfort during sexual intercourse or are embarrassed by the size or the asymmetry of their little labia. A lot of women, who are hindered by the size or asymmetry of their labia in sports (eg cycling) or sexual intercourse, are also deciding for this procedure.


Treatment involves the surgical removal of excess tissue using a laser or by surgical procedure. The edges of the wounds are sewn with special seams that dissolve themselves. Treatment is prescribed for women who have large, deformed or asymmetric small labia. The procedure is performed ambulatory in local, regional or general anesthesia, and the operation itself lasts about half an hour to an hour.

Recovery after labiaplasty

After the procedure, there may be minor discomfort associated with post-operative swelling and wound healing, which disappears after about a week. Surgical healing of wounds are usually performed without complications, with no visible scarring.

Recommendations after the procedure

Patients are advised not to perform active and excessive physical activity within the next 2 weeks after surgery. We also do not recommend to be so much in a sitting position and to bath in chlorinated water (swimming pools). At the same time, sexual abstinence is not recommended for 3-4 weeks.

price of labiaplasty:

Labiaplasty: 1000 eur
with the use of your own plasma (PRP): 1250 eur

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