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About us

The Aesthetic holidays is a private health and cosmetic organization, which have expertise in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. The team of the clinic consists of fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeons, internist (GP), anaesthesiologists and specially trained nurses.

The clinic is located in the wider center of Celje, Aškerčeva ulica 14, where are driver will take you the first day. Accomodation in which you will stay during your whole aesthetic holiday, is arranged by us and is usually nearby.  

Aesthetic holidays organizes FREE transportation for all pre-operative consultations, treatments andpost-operational check-ups.


Matic Fabjan is a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for more than 18 years. He grew up in a family of plastic surgeons, which are internationally recognised.

He is also the founder of Medical Fabjan, which is cooperating with Aesthetic holidays. He performs surgical and non-surgical procedures and laser treatmants.  Through individual consultation he will help you choose the treatment that best suits you.

He is an active member of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). He is also fluent in Slovenian, English, German, Croatian and Italian language.

A demanding job also requires some time off. He likes to re-charge his batteries on his bike, and also by kite surfing, mountain running, snowboarding, tennis, etc.
"I love my work and I am pleased to see positive feedback from my satisfied patients in a daily manner. What motivates me the most, is changing they way people see themselves."


Thermana LAŠKO
Thermana Laško is a great choice for those, who are looking for peace, wanting to restore health and to relax. Welcome to Thermana!

We want to offer you first class experience, this is why we designed special holidays packages for you filled with richness of the local environment and long-standing tradition. We respect the environment and share unique wellness programs, upgraded with superb and skin-friendly line of cosmetic products.

Within our medical center we perform various methods of physiotheraphy and work therapy, which helps us to enable individuals to recover lost physical functions as a result of injury, illness or surgery. We offer 24-hour medical care with custumised accomodation for all patients who need our help during recovery. In addition, we have developed quality preventive programs and programs for maintaining the health.

More information HERE. .

Terme Dobrna
Terme Dobrna are known by the the old Celts and the Romans. In 1403, their water was first used for medical reasons and later, since 1542, thermal water was used for the treatment of gynecological, rheumatic and urological diseases.

Dobrna's thermal water is recommended also for those, who have neurological problems, diabetes, high blood preasure, respiratory problems. For decades, it has been used to strenghten the body and to improve the general psychophysical condition of individuals and groups. Due to the calcium ions, which are contained in the water, it accelerates the discharge of water from the body.

Alkaline water with a temperature at the source of about 35 do 36,5°C contains the just about the right amount of calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate and that is the main healing factor in Terme Dobrna.

More information HERE.

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