Frequently asked questions

Why are your services cheaper?

At Aesthetic holidays our main goal is not to offer cosmetic surgery abroad as a cheap cosmetic surgery, but to present our cosmeric surgery as an affordable one with a fully qualified plastic surgeons. This is why the price of our services does not depend on the quality of our work and materials. They are adjusted due to the living standards here in Slovenia, where the salaries and cost of living is different.

Is cosmetic surgery abroad safe?

When you are deciding about your provider of cosmetic surgery abroad you have to take in account you have to find someone, who really cares for you during your stay abroad and where your health comes first. In order to offer our clients safe cosmetic surgery abroad we organize thorough pre-operative tests when we can find out whether client is perfectly healthy or see whether we can do something to improve his health conditions before the surgery.

How can I trust a plastic surgeon abroad??

The decision about the right treatment for you should be made before your arrival, so you know which cosmetic surgery procedure you are indicated to and which plastic surgeon will be performing the procedure. Being able to trust your plastic surgeon is one of the keys to successful surgery and feeling confident with the procedure. Your plastic surgeon may not only be fully registered, but should also listen to your needs and desires. At the same time he should be able to advise you and present you realistic expectations and possible risks.

Where and when does the consultation take place?

The consultation with the surgeon takes place in Celje, Slovenia. Before your visit, our surgeon is already familiar with your situation, due to our free email consultation. 

Is there any reason to be worried about the language barrier? Are you speaking in English?

No, there is no reason to be concerned about the language. All of our team is qualified to represent procedures and provide high quality services also to English speaking clients. In order to make your stay comfortable, they all speak English and are able to understand your every need and desire.

How and when is the surgery paid for?

The surgery is partially paid prior to arranging anappointment for face-to-face consultation and surgery by paying off the deposit before your arrival. Once you confirm the appointment and pay the deposit, you come to Slovenia, where the rest of the payment is paid by cash or credit card.

 Is the price final or are there any additional costs after I come to Slovenia?

Aesthetic holidays offers you trailor suit services that best suits you. This means you are not only given the procedure itself, but also a wide range of other services, such as accomodations, doctor's appointments, transportation, hospital stay etc. which are all included in the price. There will be no additional fees and hidden costs.

How to compare Aesthetic holidays prices with other cosmetic surgery prices abroad?

With choosing the right cosmetic surgery, you have to take into account about what is included in the price of the treatment. It is important to know if the price of the service is only for the procedure or there are any additionals cost when arriving to the country.

Why go abroad for a cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery abroad can offer you many benefits, such as affordable prices, privacy, safe recovery abroad and great results. It is also important to our patients to chose our clinic, because of fear high MRSA rate intheir country. Our cosmetic surgery clinic has 0 MRSA rate.