What can be better that combining your whole family adventure with a new look to make the most of your vacation? The benefits of medical tourism can be substantial, particularly when you take the appropriate steps to prepare for your trip and the care you’ll receive abroad. With reduced waiting time, privacy, fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeons our main goal is to offer you an experiential package that combines your plastic surgery with a vacation, giving you an unforgettable time for your whole family.

Our packages are based on carefully coordinated travel to a destination, with an opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of residents, culture and rejuvenation of the soul and body. With local specialties you can enjoy unique flavours of regional gastronomy, enriching your knowledge of Slovenia and feeling the peaceful spirit of the country with some local sightseeing.

First Enquiry about cosmetic surgery in Slovenia

To get some general information you can contact us via email on or call us on our number: + 38651327500.

Free email consultation

Not sure whether you are indicated for a treatment or would like to find out more about the procedure and sightseeing?

Our free email consultation is always available for you. Simply send us an e-mail and we will send you pdf medical questionnaire, which you return back together with some photos of the areas you want to be treated and the local sightseeing places.. We will respond within 1-2 working days with your whole cosmetic surgery package, including details about the surgery, information about a plastic surgeon, who indicated you to treatment and will be performing your surgery, available dates for your surgery, minimum stay in Slovenia, local sightseeing tours and prices.

Booking the date

If you are happy with all the information you received, please email us back the date you would like to have your appointment. We will email you a booking form in which all the costs will be listed. We will also ask you to pay a deposit by a creditor debit card online. This amount will be taken off from your cosmetic surgery package. The rest of the package will be paid here in Slovenia after your consultation with your plastic surgeon. 


After you pay the deposit, we will email you the address of the accommodation, which is nearby and included in the price. We will ask you to confirm that within two days. For this accommodation, free transfers for your pre-operative surgery, tests and post-operative check-ups apply. You will be staying at Terme Dobrna or Terme Laško, where you will be able to pamper your whole body and soul. Check more about tourist sightseeing for your whole family here and about accommodation here.

You can also book your own accommodation. However, you will have to arrange your journeys with our airport driver or use Taxi. For your own accommodation, free transfers between the clinic and your apartment/hotel will not apply. Otherwise our driver will pick you up from the airport. Please contact us if you are considering to book your own accommodation, so we can tell you whether it is nearby in case of emergence situation in which you would need to see your plastic surgeon more often than in your regular check-ups

Tourist sightseeing

Our Aesthetic holidays packages give you a more satisfied solution, offering you the most unique and interesting experience, which is possible to combine with chosen local sightseeing for your whole family. Surrounded by stunning environment in the land of healthy resort treatment, fascinating cultural tradition and traditional delicacies you can pamper yourself and your family through the whole vacation.

Flights to Slovenia

We will ask you to book the flight by yourself. We will email you the list of appropriate flights to Slovenia. The price of the plane ticket depends on the season and availability.

Your arrival to Slovenia

Our driver will pick you up from the airport. You will be provided by his telephone number before your arrival. The driver speaks English. Please pack as little as possible as it is not advised to carry heavy items after the surgery.

Insurance / European Health Card

When coming to our clinics, it is important that you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and/or at least your NHS number. The card is free and easy to obtain via the NHS website and your NHS number can be obtained via your doctor.This enables you free access to medical care,should a problem arise during or after your surgery. Without it you may not get free emergency care, in which case you would need to pay for your medical costs on top of your surgery cost. Please remember your EHIC card is not an alternative to travel insurance, you should still purchase travel insurance to cover you against any other issues that may arise.

Medical Advice

Please be aware of the fact that you should be 100% healthy to undergo your surgery. Our clinic is not equipped to operate on clients with diabetes and HIV positive patients, such are declined to have surgery with us. 

The usual contraindications are: high blood pressure, anemia, oral thrush, cough, cold and cold sores. Please check with your GP to make sure you are not suffering from any of the mentioned above. 

You should be without infection 3 weeks before the surgery and not take antibiotics nor pharmaceuticals containing acetylsalicylic acid (Acylpirin, Aspirin, and Anopyrin etc.) 3 weeks prior to the surgery. 

Avoid nicotine in all its “modalities’ of delivery 6 weeks prior to surgery and 4 weeks post-op. It is a powerful constrictor of blood vessels, decreasing blood flow to the “flaps” used during these procedures. This decreased blood flow could potentially lead to wound healing problems and/or tissue necrosis. Best advice: avoid nicotine completely or postpone surgery. 

If you use contraceptive pills, it is necessary to stop taking those 3 weeks before the surgery as there is a risk of embolism.You must not have a period on the day of your surgery. 

It is also advised to take some Iron supplements prior to the surgery to make sure you are not anaemic. This problem happens especially for our female clients in case they have had a period recently or if they do not eat well and are on restricted diet.

If you smoke, are being treated for Asthma or you are older than 45 years of age, our GP might suggest a standard X-ray of the heart and lungs.

Minimum Stay in Slovenia

Based on your photos, medical questionnaire and extent of your surgery our medical staff will advise you on the minimum stay in Slovenia. In your cosmetic surgery package,you will receive information from your plastic surgeon, what is the minimum stay for your procedure. It is based on the time in which most of the complication scan happen. During this time, we provide you regular check-ups with a plastic surgeon (every 2-3 days or based on healing) to make sure your recovery is normal and you can return back home safely.

Leaving early

We take your health very seriously and expect you to stay in Slovenia for the correct recovery time. If you leave Slovenia against your surgeon's advice, then you will be asked to sign a legal document, taking a full responsibility for your recovery and the outcome of your surgery. In signing this document, you will forfeit any rights to free corrective surgery,in case any problems happen.

Preliminary program for the day of the surgery



Your plastic surgeon will agree with you on post-operative check-ups which will depend on how you heal. Usually it is every 2-3 working days. However, it might be even every day if your recovery will require so. Any additional treatment,consultation and assistance after the operation is free of charge. You will also be given an emergency telephone number on which you can contact our staff outside working hours and during weekends.

Post-operative period after returning back home

Please plan enough recovery time and book enough time off from work. It is important that you as a patient will take this seriously and understand that you have to follow the post-operative advice given by the surgeon to ensure the best possible result. According to our experiences a plastic surgeon can do his part of the job, however, you have to take care of yourself and do as you are asked to ensure you will have the most beautiful results.


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