Abdominoplasty is a procedure, where we remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen. In some cases, we combine abdominoplasty with liposuction for better results.
abdominoplasty surgery time
120 min
abdominoplasty anesthesia
general anesthesia
abdominoplasty hospital stay
1 day
abdominoplasty recovery time
14 days
abdominoplasty suture removal
10 - 14 days
abdominoplasty time off work
10 - 14 days

When diet and exercise fail to deliver the flat belly and shapely contours you expect, a tummy tuck may be able to solve your problem. A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is not a weight loss tool, but it can complete your weight loss efforts, by removing unresponsive fat and excess skin, and tightening muscles that are too stretched to tighten back into a smooth shape. In our team there are experts in body contouring and has created the four-dimensional tummy tuck for full abdominal rejuvenation.

Benefits of the Tummy Tuck Procedure

Weight loss and pregnancy can leave you with loose skin and stretched muscles. Too much loose skin or poor elasticity can prevent you from achieving your desired shape and enjoying the benefits of weight loss. Muscles can become so stretched that no amount of exercise will return them to firmness. Some areas of fat simply do not respond, no matter how healthy you eat and how much you work out.

Abdominoplasty is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, but it can correct the problems which are beyond your control by:

  • removing stubborn pockets of fat
  • removing excess skin
  • tightening muscles

Results of a tummy tuck include:

  • shaped abdomen
  • defined waist
  • flattened belly


from 3.000 € 

Price of the procedure includes:

  • individual consultation,
  • operative procedure,
  • use of the best materials,
  • anesthesia,
  • after surgery check-up.

Tummy Tuck Candidates

A tummy tuck is major surgery that is not for everyone. Good candidates, however, can experience dramatic results and a huge boost in self-esteem. The best candidates typically fall into one or more of three categories:

  • women who have had multiple pregnancies
  • people who have lost massive amounts of weight
  • those who have lost elasticity of the skin and/or muscles due to age

Tummy tuck is a very popular procedure after pregnancy. During pregnancy the uterus expands and can stretch the abdominal wall to the point that exercise will not return it to its original shape. This is even more common in women who have had multiple pregnancies.

After massive weight loss many people are disappointed with the results because excess skin and stretched muscles do not go into shape. A tummy tuck can help complete your hard work and give you the beautiful figure you expected and deserve.

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